2019 Atlanta Guitar Show June 8th & 9th

Atlanta is finally getting its first major guitar show in over 15 years. On June 8th & 9th at the Infinite Energy Forum in Duluth, Georgia at 10 a.m. the doors will open for pure guitar fun and joy for the guitared. Many of the best vintage guitar dealers will be there along with a few celebrity guitarists.

Why No Guitar Show in Atlanta For So Many Years?

For those of us that seek out the best guitars on the planet, this show is long overdue. While there are a few Carolina shows and a Nashville guitar show, Atlanta not having a big scale guitar show was always a mystery. This type of undertaking is not easy and it requires a lot of time, effort and money. The word is that the organizers of the last known show in Atlanta just couldn’t keep it going on their end.


Grinning Elk Takes On The Challenge

We can thank veteran Atlanta guitar dealers Ray and Lee of Grinning Elk Music for this grand undertaking. The facility is 50,000 feet of vendor and exhibit space and there will be lots of the best vintage guitar dealers from around the country and the world. 

Some of the best guitar dealers sure to have the best vintage who will be attending include Guitars West from California, Eliot Michael and his Rumbleseat Music from Nashville, Drew Berlin Vintage Guitars from California, Jimmy Wallace from Dallas, Gary’s Vintage and many others. 

Given the size of the venue and the number of quality dealers that will be there, this show will most likely become one of the big shows on the national guitar show scene.

Guest appearances by KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick and Guitarist Virtuoso Michael Angelo Batio, both performing and giving a clinics and Q&A session.

For any Gibson Les Paul fanatics who understand  what “Murphy Aging” is, Mr. Tom Murphy himself will be presenting and available for questions about his unique Les Paul Burst aging process that has become the gold standard. 

This is one guitar show you won’t want to miss. Get your tickets and get to Atlanta.

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