This 1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom is Now Available


As most vintage guitar collectors will tell you, collecting guitars to build the ultimate vintage guitar collection is both a passion and an addiction to acquire some of the best electric guitars ever made in the history of the guitar world.

For the true vintage guitar collector, nothing gets the blood pumping more than finding truly special rare and vintage guitars that are not only all original, but that are also still in excellent condition. The older the guitar, the harder it is to find this perfect combination.


While opinions will vary about what electric guitars constitute the best vintage guitars, it is pretty well settled among most veteran guitar players, experts and collectors that some of the finest and most collectible guitars are those rare Gibson guitars from the 1950s. Many believe a Gibson Les Paul from this era is most definitely the best guitar ever made when comes to an electric guitar.

Les Paul Love Series-#LP1DPNK - Click to visit our guitar art store

Les Paul Love Series-#LP1DPNK - Click to visit our guitar art store

1958-1960: The Les Paul Golden Era


A 1950s Gibson guitar, and in particular a vintage Les Paul made between 1958 and 1960 is regarded by most who know anything about electric guitars as the best of the Gibson guitar vintage made. These old Gibson electric guitars made between 1958 and 1960 are not only some of the best vintage Gibson guitars, they are thought by many vintage guitar dealers to be the absolute best of all vintage electric guitars ever crafted.

Why? Maybe it is a combination of the wood available at that time, the craftsmen that were building and a number of other factors. One thing is certain; there was some magic happening at Gibson in Kalamazoo in the late 1950s.

The Les Paul Black Beauty


Among the best of any of these vintage Gibson electric guitars that were ever made in the 1958-1960 era was the 1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom known as the “Black Beauty” (especially with the triple pick-ups). Not only is the 1958 Black Beauty a cool looking black electric guitar of any 1950s electric guitar, but out of any collectible guitars for sale, it is a rare electric guitar even among all Gibson rare guitars from this golden era of 1958-1960.

If you happen to be one of those vintage guitar buyers who waits patiently to find old Gibson guitars for sale then we have something very special for you. Guitar Stories USA has the honor of being able to offer one of these vintage and rare guitars for sale. We have one of the finest rare vintage guitars ever made so if Gibson vintage guitars are your thing and you have been waiting for one of the most classic Gibson guitars in the 1958-1960 Gibson Les Paul guitar line to become available for sale, it has.                                                                                                 

This 1958 Les Paul is For Sale


We have the pleasure of offering for sale an all original 1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty (3 pickup) in excellent condition, available for immediate sale. This beautiful and rare 1958 Gibson Les Paul is truly one of those rare vintage guitars for sale that doesn’t come available very often. This vintage Gibson is a Les Paul guitar that is one of the rarest Gibson guitars for sale we have ever seen and of all of the vintage electric guitars for sale on the market today, one of the best available vintage Gibson guitars for sale.


A True Vintage Les Paul  

There are plenty of reissue Les Pauls and used Gibson guitars that seek to imitate this electric guitar vintage of 1958 and anyone can find these used Gibson guitars for sale in most guitar shops where you can find electric guitars for sale and other old guitars for sale. As any serious and knowledgeable guitar collector who knows the difference between used guitars for sale and used vintage guitars for sale, vintage brand guitars are the ones that are rare, hard to find, grow in value and play and sound like no other electric guitar. This 1958 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty is one of those rare guitars.

This original 1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty is one those rare vintage guitars for sale that does not come up often if at all.

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