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As a lifelong electric guitar fanatic, I wanted to bring everything that I love about electric guitars, the legends who have played them and the 20th century instrument that has changed music (and my life) forever, to a special place where we can enjoy and honor all that is electric guitar.

If we don't celebrate this together and spread the love to the younger generations, we will lose the artistry of this amazing experience that is the electric guitar. Since I've been playing one since 1976, I know what I like and I hope you like what I share here with you. Enjoy and don't forget to check out our blog, get on our our VIP email list and send us your pics so we can feature you in our Member's Gallery! Oh and tell your friends about us by using our social share buttons and I'll be here if you need me and I would love to hear from you.

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 Get all of the details on the 30th Annual 2017 Orlando international guitar and music expo from guitar stories USA

Get all of the details on the 30th Annual 2017 Orlando international guitar and music expo from guitar stories USA

Next weekend is the 31st Annual Orlando Guitar Show. This is one of the best and largest guitar shows in the country and you don't want to miss it if you are anywhere near Orlando, Florida.

Hundreds of Vintage, New and Used Guitars and Amps will be on hand from some of the nest and most respected dealers from around the world. Buy, Sell or Trade and there are always great deals. I have personally bought guitars at this show and found things I couldn't find anywhere else.

We'll be livestreaming on Facebook so make sure you like our Facebook Page

Click here for all of the details about the show including:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Cost
  • Directions

To get all of the details and to watch a video interview with Show Producer Morty Beckman with highlights from the past three shows and tons of great pics from the 2016 Show, just click here.

If you are a Dealer who will be at the Show and would like to interviewed/profiled and featured, just message us or email us...links are in the footer of this page!

See you at the show!


The latest Burst Believers book from vintage Les Paul authority Vic DaPra. Available now for pre-order, with a January, 2017 release date. This is a must have book and if you don't know who Vic DaPra is, check out our article and interview with Vic DaPra here. If you love awesome photos, stories and history of those vintage Gibson Les Paul Bursts (1958-1960), you will love this latest from Vic and all of his Burst Believer books!

Burst Believers III
By Vic DaPra