Metallica "One" Video Played on One Guitar - 8 Strings - 5 Hands

File this one under "trippy" but here's video that's getting a lot of views and shares in the last few days. I know, it's a bit strange but a little cool too. Judge for yourself and comment below if you like.

A new Rob Scallon Chapman Signature 8 string guitar showcased by 3 guitarists playing Metallica's "one on one guitar.  Thanks for video Rob.

Somebody said in the comments that this video of the "hands" reminds them of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets. 

Published on May 23, 2016 by Rob Scallon

Metallica's "One" played on one 8 string guitar.

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Second Channel:

This video from a wider angle:

On lead is Joe Shadid from

On the one finger bass is Jeff Linville.
He Djents here:

Rob Scallon's info for all who are interested:
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Vine: @RobScallon