The Guitar Legacy - Is it Shrinking?

There's been a lot of discussion that the younger generation don't have much of an interest in electric guitars. I was recently on a Facebook discussion where there was a consensus by many that it's a dying thing.  

Justification for this sentiment included things like:

  • Modern music doesn't use much guitar
  • Fewer kids are interested in learning to play
  • Young players don't care about the Vintage guitar market  

There was also discussion (much of it misinformed, in my opinion) about Millenials, Generation Y, Generation X and Baby Boomers. 

I am toying with an idea I'll tell you more about later, that I may start called the "Guitar Legacy Project" in an effort to keep guitar love alive by connecting the generations to learn, share and appreciate the passion of playing and collecting electric guitars. 

I would love to hear opinions from older players and collectors and younger players too about whether you believe our numbers are shrinking and how we can keep the guitar legacy alive.

Please leave your comments below and if you're not already on our VIP List, please join so we can continue this conversation. 

I'll be interviewing some veteran players, collectors and dealers soon to bring you more information on how you can part of this  and how you pass on your knowledge and wisdom to the younger generation of guitar enthusiasts.

Comment below and Rock on my Brothers and Sisters! 


Rick Baker

Editor in Chief

Guitar Stories USA