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Enough Dealers to Make the People Happy


Enough People to Make the Dealers Happy!

Guitar Stories USA along with our parent company Sunshine Social Media, LLC has covered and promoted the Orlando International Guitar Expo for the past 6 years. In that time, we have mastered the art of social media and internet marketing for guitar shows and we have run incredibly successful and affordable online campaigns to maximize guitar show attendance.


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  • We provide complete online and social media marketing campaigns that are tested to win and boost show attendance.

  • We provide video production from our copyrighted library and can customize your video footage and photos

  • We provide music and voiceover for all videos and ads

  • We know how to target the exact people who would come to a guitar show with buyer intent

We are passionate about two things:


So through our love and knowledge of both, we are providing the best guitar show online promotions that combine incredible video, photo and written content with strategic media placement and targeting specific to the guitar buying audience. We get as excited about 10 out of 10 relevancy and 10 cent clicks on Facebook and Instagram campaigns as we do about 59 Les Paul Bursts…well, almost!

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We provide you several timing options to promote your guitar show and we know the best advance timing you need. Depending on your budget, we recommend a 60 to 90 day promotional campaigns on multiple platforms with various content to inspire show patrons, with a blitz in the final two weeks leading up to the guitar show.

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Longer lead time campaigns allow for retargeting page visitors for reminders just prior to the guitar show and increase engagement with your audience. We have many options to help you grow the reputation of the show and create assets that can lower costs of future shows. Ask us about this…


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Some folks are on a shoestring budget and only do organic posting on social media and instead rely on costly and outdated media like print and radio…but we all know where we spend the most time: Social Media. Even with a large following on social media, organic reach of your audience is minimal, less than 10% so you can’t just use organic posts to promote a guitar show.

The good news is that with the right content and knowing exactly how to target an audience with precision (not the Fender kind) digital media is still the cheapest way to advertise and reach only the people who would be interested in your guitar show. Other old media is not only more expensive, but you waste so much of your budget on people who would not be interested…that is the true power of online marketing with paid campaigns: more focused reach at a lower price.

You simply cannot afford your online marketing to be an afterthought, you must budget and plan and work with professionals who not only know marketing but know guitars and are experienced promoting guitar shows online.

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We have created several budget sized options, from the 2 week single campaign blitz to 30 day, 60 day and 90 day campaigns, based on your ad budget, lead time and the number of media channels and other custom options. We also focus on email list building and retargeting on Google and YouTube for longer campaigns. We will advise you on the best way to efficiently maximize ad spend and handle everything for you as if we were promoting our own guitar show.

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We are also available to attend your show and do livestreams, dealer day coverage, show day coverage, interviews and compile photo and video to give everything a professional feel for your guitar dealers and pave the way for next year.

The truth is that if your dealers are not happy with the attendance or lack of paid promotion, they won’t be back, so let us help you make your guitar a cool event for everyone.


Here’s a sample video for the 2017 Orlando Guitar Show we did with 2016 Highlights. For more examples of our work, especially the most recent 2019 Show, just click “Guitars Shows” above on our menu Tab. Show Producer Morty Beckman loves our stuff and we love making cool promos for him. Check out a little Rick Derringer footage on the 2015 Show video and other highlights.


Our 60 second ad for the latest Orlando Guitar Show…visit to view the 2019 Show Page.

So drop us a message and let’s talk about how we can put your guitar show over the top at a price you can afford so you can focus on your dealers and logistics of running your guitar show and leave the marketing to us!

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