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RICK BAKER, Your Editor-in chief

RICK BAKER, Your Editor-in chief

I really value your opinions as a Guitar Stories USA VIP Member. I am working on a new project for the website that I call the "Legacy Project" to bring together my readers with some of the best private, small and specialized Guitar Shops in the country.

Getting your honest and valuable input will help me bring you insider access ahead of the general public to some great guitar dealers and access to rare and vintage guitar finds you will enjoy and be interested in.

I have been working to make some major updates and changes to the site and what we do here at Guitar Stories USA and you are a big part of that.

For participating in this survey, you and your guitar collection will be featured, if you want to be. Please email me photos and descriptions of you and your collection and we will feature you online!

Also, please email us about anything you would like to see more of and for the most current pics, follow us on our social media, especially Instagram and Pinterest for great pics daily!

Okay here we honest and thanks again for your valuable input!

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