Gibson Memory Cable


A Digital Recorder built into a guitar cord...WOW! How cool is that?

Have you ever been jamming on your guitar either at home or live and stumbled on some incredible lick? You don't want to forget it but it doesn't always come at a time when you're connected to your recording setup.  No problem...Enter the Gibson Memory Cable!

Every electric guitar player needs a guitar cord or guitar cable anyway right? But oh, this Gibson Memory Cable is so much more than that.

Gibson has teamed up with Tascam, the King and earliest innovator of portable audio recording to bring you a guitar cord that actually records your guitar licks (and much more) on this incredible device.

Think of it as a digital recorder built into an instrument cable. Basically, it is the ultimate in no hassle recording anything you play on your guitar without the need to hook up any additional recording gear. It is built in the cable itself! 

This incredible piece of guitar gear contains a built in micro-SD card (and it comes with a regular computer size SD converter) that records up to 4 gigs at 44.1 khz to capture in high quality 16 bit digital wav file anything you play. Then just put the SD card into your audio recording software for editing or adding other tracks. It is a songwriter's dream!

It comes with a continuous mode and an automatic mode. You can bookmark and it creates a new file. You can run it pre-effect or post-effect. You can run other instruments through it too, like a keyboard, bass, drum machine or your band audio mixer output. It is that flexible and it runs on a AA battery that gets you 13 hours of recording time.

For under $100, and as low as $85, it is a steal and a must have for any guitarist, or any musician for that matter. I know if someone gave me one of these as a gift, I would be super excited and use it all the time. I highly recommend this more than anything I have experienced in a long time.

Check out this video of Gibson demonstrating and describing it at an audio show and click any the images at the top or bottom of this page to buy one today. 

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