Everyone has a different motivation for wanting to play guitar and while for many, getting laid wasn't the primary motivation (or was it?) it certainly is and was a factor for many young guitarists. It's the truth and for the record, I didn't make the rules.

For many of us, we are well past this as our "primary" motivation but it's all a matter of degree, even for those of us who have played for many years. And for the older players among us, can you remember back that far? 

Heck, even the Beatles and the Stones and many others openly admit that they started in music "to meet girls" so there is no shame in that if you are a young player just starting out in the guitar world.

In this video are basics for those just starting out whose primary focus is not to become the next Jimi Hendrix but just simply to meet girls...and remember this is all in good fun so try to just enjoy it and not take yourself too seriously!



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